SPENCER & LOCKE 2 announced by The Hollywood Reporter

The indie breakout hit of 2017 returns, as Spencer and Locke will face the threat of Roach Riley! 

As part of their San Diego Comic-Con coverage, The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive announcement of Spencer & Locke 2, coming soon from me and artist Jorge Santiago, Jr.!

“‘We’ve told fans from the beginning that there was a much larger universe for Spencer & Locke to explore — and we’re excited to expand their world further with their latest adversary, Roach Riley,’ writer David Pepose said in a statement about the new series. ‘Half The Deer Hunter, half Heath Ledger’s Joker, Roach is only the beginning of Locke’s latest gantlet, as every classic comic strip from your childhood will be fair game for parody in our action-packed sequel.’”

Click here for more details at The Hollywood Reporter, and catch up on Spencer & Locke at your local comics shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or ComiXology today!