David Pepose talks THE O.Z. with Syfy

We’re not in Kansas anymore! I sat with Syfy’s Ernie Estrella to chat about The O.Z. on Kickstarter, where we unveiled artist Rio Burton’s exclusive variant cover:

“‘Oz’ is such a short, but iconic word, and recasting it as an acronym for the ‘Occupied Zone’ suddenly shifted the entire thing for me. I could see a giant steampunk cyborg version of the Tin Man on the battlefield, having been blown up and rebuilt so many times he’s become a walking tank. I could see Dorothy as a disillusioned soldier, having cobbled together her own makeshift weaponry from the ruins of a Munchkin armada. Honestly, that image evoked such a mythic sense of scale that the story just poured out of me.”

Read the rest of Ernie’s interview at Syfy here.