David Pepose talks GOING TO THE CHAPEL with Newsarama

How did the bachelor party from hell turn into one of the funniest comedies of 2019? I got to chat about Going to the Chapel with Newsarama’s Zack Smith:

“Romcoms get a bad rap, not just in the Direct Market, but pop culture as a whole — there are men who feel their masculinity is threatened by them, and women feel like their intelligence or respect is at stake if they enjoy them. But I look at some of my favorite stories — Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, About Time, 500 Days of Summer — and they all come from the same narrative foundation of love and romance. Romance is just as flexible a genre as superheroes, sci-fi, or crime, and with Going to the Chapel, we’re looking to remind readers of that. This is a book that’ll make you laugh, make you cheer, and maybe even make you tear up a little along the way. Love might be the ultimate hostage situation — but Going to the Chapel is the kind of shotgun wedding you’ll find yourself wishing would never end.”

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