David Pepose talks SPENCER & LOCKE with ComicBook.com

Hot off the heels of the announcement of Spencer & Locke at New York Comic Con, I spoke about the crime series with Troy Brownfield at ComicBook.com:

“Detective Locke is a hard-boiled cop with a mean temper, a thirst for justice, and a chip on both shoulders. And when his childhood sweetheart,  schoolteacher Sophie Jenkins, is found dead in an alleyway, he’ll do anything to close the case — even if it means returning to the scene of his horrific upbringing as a boy. But those childhood scars have also shaped Locke as an adult — while he was hounded at all sides growing up, he invented his own best friend, a talking panther named Spencer, to shield him from the trauma. And now, as an adult, Locke is still so damaged from his youth that Spencer has ‘grown up’ alongside him.”

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